Saturday, November 23, 2013

Look: Could've shaped heartaches + Win Free Clothing and Discounts!

Hello, everyone!

I should be studying right now, but to tell the truth I want to do everything except for studying.
It feels like I've been shopping quite a lot lately but to be honest, I still feel like I've got nothing to wear! It's unbelievable!

Both the bow printed dress and the burgundy chunky cardigan are some of my new aquisitions, that I got from Primark. I needed something lovely to wear every once in a while.

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Now, I've got some great news for you: news in which you can win quite a lot!

1st - Win Free clothing or Discount Codes
Inspired by the sitcom called Two Broke Girls, Romwe came up with a series of discounts for the most awesome pieces: the Top 8 sale! It goes until November 26 and consists in three rounds:
Round 1 - Share the "Win Free" page and win free clothes here
Round 2 - Save more with extra coupons. Codes in the image below!
Round 3 - Buy 3 items from the Top 8 and get 1 for Free

Click on the image below to check all the items available!

Plus, my beautiful readers get an extra discount code: caroline$3 - So Enjoy!

2nd - Win Free Sweater

You've probably seen the Dior Rose Sweater from Romwe which I honestly find super cute!
So, on November 26th, this lovely sweater will be only 19.99$, instead of 39.99$!
For only 24 hours you'll have the chance to get it for waaay less or even win it for free!
Just comment the item page here and click here to fill in the form.

3rd - Black Friday's Sale
It's time to get ready for Christmas and there's nothing better than Black Friday's Sale to start shopping!
In Romwe we got up to 75% off in over 3000 styles until November 30th!
Just click on the image below and start shopping!

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  1. adorei o vestido!