Sunday, November 10, 2013

I am alive, my dear readers!

Hello, everyone!

Yes, I know, the blog has been kinda stopped for now but I'm literally drowing in college work: lot's of exams and presentations!
So I only stopped by to let you know I'm alive and to let you know of the new Romwe's sale, in case you have time to shop (which I don't, unfortunatly)!
Romwe created a new collection called Party Season and they're already giving you the chance to get those items cheaper with a new sale up to 50% off, until tomorrow November 11 so please hurry!
Just click on the image below to take a look at all the items available!

And now I'm off to study. Again.
I promise I'll update the blog again, really soon! I'm only hoping this college life will calm down!

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