Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update and Halloween

Hello, everyone!

First of all, I was incredibly happy to read your opinion comments on Child modelling on the last post. It's wonderful to read opinions of people who are actually "inside the matter"!
Moving on to today's post. I don't really have any post prepared for you so it's just going to be a tiny update. You can't possibly imagine how exhausted I am. The past week has been completly dedicated to the College Freshmans, like myself, as I live in an Academic Town. With concerts and a great parade. Each school has it's own colour and we were all dressed as something. This was me yesteday.

Look at me, here talking about my Town's freshman celebrations and another celebration is really near: Halloween! The celebration of Halloween varies from country to country. In mine there have been more and more parties, specially in clubs but I don't think kids do "Trick or Treat" much. How is it like in yours?

Talking about parties, who doesn't like them? That's why Romwe is having a shopping party for you to get ready to this scary Holyday! You have  more than 1000 styles up to 70% off!
Starting on October 25th and ending on the 31st.
And you can even get a Free Mistery Gift for orders over 40$!
Just click on the image below to see all styles available!

Plus, Romwe is also having another flash sale. Take a look by clicking here.

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  1. Hello Joanna I love your blog and so I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    I've explained all about it in my latest blog post!
    Hopefully you check it out xx

    Alice x