Saturday, October 19, 2013

Child Modelling

Hello, everyone!

My last few weeks have been hell. Remember I told you I had gotten into law school? Well, I've been trying to change course and I got into Educational Sciences. Obviously, as I got in a month later I've been almost drowning in work! Plus, as I live in an University Town, the parties and parades are just beggining!
I apologize for not having a lot of time for blogging lately but I'm trying my best!

Anyway, I've been thinking about child modelling ever since I stumbled upon Marta Krylova. A beautiful 7 year old model.

Isn't she a cutie? In my honest oppinion, she is the most beautiful, flawless girl I've ever seen!

But a question must be asked:
Until what point is child modelling a good thing to the children?

As I see it, it might be a great experience and it could be lots of fun. If the child is a successful model, it can travel and meet other children in the business. After all, children are still in the socialization process and being in contact with lots of different people will probably give the child quite a ease when it comes to understanding/ accepting the difference and being more socially open: they will have more ease when it comes to public speaking and all. Plus, the children can get quite a lot of money to help them in the future.
On the other hand, if you think about it, in some cases the children may be put under the pressure of meeting schedules but also with the pressure and anxiety behind the so known preconceived idea of beauty.

What's your oppinion on child modelling?


  1. this is an interesting topic. I've been thinking about it because I have a daughter aged 10 who also wants to be a model and she is already in an agency. Until now this experience has helped her to be more communicative in public and feel more confident about their unique beauty. But whenever she goes to a casting and she isn´t called she creates too many expectations and feels disappointed. I have seen that this is a very competitive world and that many parents put pressure on their children to be perfect. I try to see it as a hobby because she has to live her childhood ... she has too much time on life to be a professional.

    xx, Joana

  2. I love the name of your blog! Child modelling is a double-edged sword for me as well... definite pluses there - but also the need for caution!
    My Beauty Junction

  3. She's gorgeous but I'd never let my future child be a model. The bad outweighs the good in my opinion!

    Tara x