Sunday, September 1, 2013

Féline Fatale

Hello, everyone!

This is, not only, the second post of the day, but also a different one. This post was specially created for the IFB Project #111: Get fancy with Féline Inspired Fashion! We could do an outfit, a collage or a video inspired by our feline friends. I choose to do a collage, because I just found out about this. Anyway, I really advise you to take a look at other blogger's outfits.

Untitled #68

Leo print crop top - 5.80€ at Chiara Fashion
Black Midi Skirt - 9.99€ at H&M
Red Platform Heels - 33€ at Pureshu
Moschino Cat Bag - 390€ at FarFetch
Cat eye Sunglasses - 7.55€ at ZeroUV


  1. sim fui, mas a minha mae ajudou bocadinho ;) a malinha e mesmo gira!

  2. Love the skirt...though likely, it'll be a weird length on anyone who is short...

  3. I adore everything about this! Literally. Everything.

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  4. Que coisas giras! :)