Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's New this Week on Primark?

Hello, everyone!

As you probably suspect, my blog has became my fashion diary so you can expect me to share whenever I get super excited about clothing. Which happens. A Lot.
Look Magazine, released "What's New this Week" from Primark and I got incredibly excited about it because it has a lot of cute stuff so... I decided to show you my favourite items with a collage I did on Polyvore.

New collection

I honestly hope I can find some of these in my local store.
You know how I'm falling maddly in love with midi skirts/ dresses, so just look at the first one: with black leather sleeves! Oh it's so cool and only costs 10£.
The aztek print cardigan is also to die for, even though it's a bit too much for a cardigan. I got a similar one for less than half the price.
I always find spotted stuff adorable, so I think you can guess my opinion on this long sleeved crop top. I think it's quite affordable also.
The skater dress is not really my style but I also found it lovely!
Now, on the lower left side there's this cute leather collar blouse which I simply ADORE. I think I'm missing something classy and cute in my wardrobe so I really consider this a must-have for me.
The satchel bag is also quite affordable and it's something I've been wanting for quite a while, I've seen a similar one on my local Primark so I'm seriously thinking about buying it.
The tie coat is quite original and I can only imagine it must be really comfy for the new season, however I don't know if it will be worth the price...
Cami tops are rocking this summer and, even though I don't show it, Primark has them available in several colours and prints and I guess the price is okay so run to get yours!


  1. I love the shirt with the dots!!! love it! <3

  2. wish they had a primark where I live. Great post!


    1. I feel you. Before a Primark store open in my town I would see all the cool clothes other people got there and I was like "Euch, I wish I could buy that".
      Thank you, dear <3

  3. I love that polka dot crop top!! It's so cute :)