Monday, August 19, 2013

My Romwe favourites

Hello, everyone!

Yes, I know, I still haven't post a new look but I promise I will. As soon as my new clothes arrive, I will shoot an outfit with them. Meanwhile, I'm sorry but I'll be feeding you on Polyvore collages.
I was just scrolling through the Romwe website and I fell in love for a few items so I thought I'd share with you.

Romwe's favourites

1. I really liked this #OOTD Cropped sweater with net sleeves. However there are only 3 units available at the momment. It costs 29.99$ and you can get it here.
2. The Ramones dress can be found here for only 32.99$. I don't know if you remeber but one of my first posts on my blog was about these amazingly cute band dresses, for those who haven't seen it, you can check it here.
3. This riveted dress is just wonderful. You can get it here for 49.99$.
4. This smoking mouth pullover is just a must in my wardrobe! 35.99$, here.
5. I've been lusting over this sunglasses forever and I was super glad I found them on Romwe since they only cost 15.65$ here.
6. This Moschino belt can be found here for 23.99$.
7. And for last but not least, I found this awesome "Don't be such a mermaid" T-shirt, which you can buy here for only 19.99$!

And as we're talking about Romwe: They're having a close out sale. More than 1000 items, up to 70% off, for a whole week - ending August 26th. Just click in the image below to see all the styles available.

Stay tunned. I intend to post outfits very soon!


  1. I love romwe! They have such cute clothes!
    Their instagram is really funny because they're not an english speaking company, and sometimes things translate wrong.