Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lime Crime

Hello, everyone!

I'm pretty sure you've all heard about Lime Crime: a vegan cosmetic brand, cruelty-free.
Even though this brand is quite criticized for (and this is kind of ironic) not taking well critics and a bunch of other rumors, this is definitly not what I'm here to talk about today, since I don't have any experience with neither their costumer service nor cosmetics.
However I find this brand really attractive with those bright or pastel, quite invulgar colours which usual cosmetic companies don't sell.
There are two babies I've been quite interested on and one of them I swear I will buy any time soon.

The Lunar Sea Eyeliner

I found this eyeliner pretty curious and it gave me quite some ideas for an all white minimalist look.
This eyeliner is an opaque white, it's smudge proof and it's equipped with a precision brush.

Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks

The Velvetines collection is made of those two colours above: Suedeberry and Red Velvet. My personal favourite is Red Velvet. This liquid lipstick has been on my radar for quite a while now and this is the item I told you I swear I'll buy, it's just stunning!
This baby is water proof and it's said to last long. Plus, like all of the Lime Crime's products, it's also vegan and cruelty-free - No woman should have to hurt animals in order to feel beautiful.

And now my question for you:
Have you ever tried any product by Lime Crime?
What's your opinion?

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