Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Hello, everyone!

I gotta admit, I'm currently out of ideas to writte about on my blog. You can't always be creative, I guess.
Also, I haven't got out of the house much, lately so... no outfit posts either.
However, as I don't want to stop connecting to my readers while I can, I decided that maybe I could show you a couple of looks I've done on polyvore. Hope you like it!

Chill, take a pill

When I created this outfit I thought about a hot and lazy day where you just want to sit in a cafe with your friends and order a drink so I wanted to do it the simplest possible: no accessories, no heavy make up.
I added some sporty shorts and a cami top which are usually pretty cheap and easy to find. Then I just completed it with a leather backpack, some sneakers and a nude lipstick. Pretty and Relaxed.

Oh Lord, I have sinned
This last outfit looks a bit more compound, I guess. Well, if you're portuguese, you can find those triple platform shoes here. About the top, I believe I already told you about it: it can be found in the sale section in Romwe, just click here.

Personally, I always enjoy seeing this kind of posts because they inspire me! Does it work that way for you too? If not, leave me a comment below about what kind of posts you would like to see here.

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