Thursday, August 29, 2013

Classy Look

Hello, everyone!

Well, this is definitly not my week. I was suppose to get ready and go out today, do an outfit post for you and the video I promised but I slept really bad and woke up with the worst pain on my right shoulder. And right now it's so hard to move my arm... Feels like my body is rebelling against me! Oh well, hopefully it will get better until tomorrow.
Anyway, I didn't want to spend today without posting anything since I can't and don't want to waste the time I have left for my blog on the Holiday season...
So, as you know I'm going to college this year and I'm so anxious to know if I can get into the class I want. I've also been thinking about what I should wear to Uni. I mean, obviously I'm going for the simplest and more practical clothes, for most of the days of the first year; However I need to start to dress diferently and I'll probably want to so I built an outfit on Polyvore.


I thought some black jeans would be the most comfortable and discrete choice to start with. Then I added a peplum top to make this look more classy and formal (16,99£ at New Look) and a pretty and elegant short jacket (34£ at MissSelfridge). Although the outfit is quite elegant already, I thought it would be a bit too plain so I added a Chanel Quilted Bag, some vintage Chanel earrings and the Versace Medusa Necklace (You can and should get copies, obviously, since I don't see this as things usual people can afford).
For last but not least, I thought this was a bit too classy for me and it could use a bit of personality so I added this beautiful Doc Martens shoes!

I hope I can get to do both the post and the video soon.
I also need to thank all my followers to be able to get me past the 100 barrier on!
Btw, my best friend owns a blog now so you should totally check her by clicking here.


  1. Adorei o teu comentário e já segui <3 Tão querida!
    E o look está perfeito

  2. Aw, obrigada :)

    Beijinhos, Beatriz ♡♡

  3. ADORO :3

    ( )

  4. As melhoras para o teu ombro babe! Gostei imenso do conjunto que fizes-te!

  5. I've always wanted a pair of Chanel earrings! Maybe that's my mission for Christmas... ;)


  6. I really love that you've combined Doc Martens shoes with this look!! I think that's a really cool idea haha~ very inspiring! <3