Friday, August 16, 2013

Choies Wishlist

Hello, everyone!

The other day I went to take a look at Choies website and I saw quite a lot of stuff I loved so I thought today would be a good day to share with you my Choies Wishlist!


1. Chained T-shirt - 28.99$ here
2. Mischievous English Letters T-shirt - 21.99$ here
3. Cut Out Strapped Skirt - 59.99$ here
4. Eyes Shirt in White - 37.99$ here
5. Denim Shorts with Cross Belts - 69.99$ here
6. Cut out Buckle Boots - 126.99$ here

I'm just drooling over all these items, I hope I can get to buy them soon!

To end this post, I have one more amazing news for you, girls!
As we all know, in a few weeks most of us will be coming back to School or Uni and we all like to impress on the first day!
So what's better than a Back to School Sale where you can find items starting at 4.79$ AND 10% off on the New 2013 A/W Collection for 7 days! Plus, students get 15% off when buying 50$ with the code student15%.
It ends on the 18th so hurry up and click the image below to check the 600+ items available!

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