Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shopping is Cheaper than a Therapist

Hello, everyone!

I have these amazing news: Romwe is having an end of July Sale! We're talking about up to 70% off on more than 1000 items! You have no idea how hysterical I am because there are a lot of items I would love to have and they're at the lowest prices! - Oh god, okay, I think sometimes I get a bit too excited about shopping but... Well, you know what they say, shopping is cheaper than a therapist.
So, I'm going to show you next the most amazing Romwe picks!

1 - This metal points' chiffon shirt used to cost 25.99$ and it's now 14.99$!
2- This crop top that previously costed 23.99$ is now available for only 14.09$.

3 -The black leather bandeau is now 17.99$ instead of 19.99$.
4 - The Rivet lace black bandeau's price is down from 44.99$ to only 19.69$!

These two last babies will be mine soon, hopefully!
Also, you can know where get all these items by clicking in the image below.

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