Friday, July 19, 2013

Primark's new women collection: Fall/ Winter 2013

Hello, everyone!

As we know, Primark is probably the most affordable high street fashion store so it's a "must take a look", specially out of the Sale season since we can always get the most amazing and fashionable finds at low prices!
For the next season, Primark has decided to go with a more grungy and mature collection and I'm here to show it a bit of what you'll be seeing this year.

The new collection shows a twist of tartan in both the dress of the first picture and the skirt on the last one.
The tartan dress will cost 17€ and you can count to find the skirt for around 12€. You will be able to get the spiked boots for 24€ and the lace up ones for around 18€.
In the middle we have a sexy grungy and more grown-up like look with an amazing leather pencil skirt which you can fnd by around 12€. I must say I'm head over heels with this outfit, so HOT.

These looks were also between my favourites. In the first image, we have this PU jacket with golden studs (31€), a golden sweater (18€) a PU studded skirt (19€) and these awesome boots with golden details (24€): all these products together make this look a strongly golden outfit with attitude!
In the second image, although the main pieces look quite like a dress, they're not: just an incredibly well matched look. Both that Jacquard top and skirt can be found for 15€ and those wonderful peep toe boots should cost around 22€.

Both these pictures show the comfortable and sporty face of Primark's new collection.
The jacket in the first picture drives me crazy with its pattern and PU sleeves, for only 29€!
And those pretty buckle boots on the right? Only 21€!

Here, we can clearly see the mix between the grunge and the feminine! My favourite piece here is clearly the net sweater (10€)! However you can find some more amazing Fall/ Winter picks like the jacket (31€) or the PU skirt (17€).

In last, but not least, Primark made a bet on the pastels for this dark seasons. You can hope to find soft colours with feminine finishes.
The first jacket, for exemplo, will be found for 35€.

What do you think of this new collection?
Are you as excited as I am?


  1. ai meu deus, os 3 primeiros looks deram cabo de mim! adorei! e o casaco pastel, claro :)

  2. omg love this! do u know when will it be available?