Saturday, July 13, 2013

Look: The Skyline looked like crooked teeth

Hello, everyone!

I can proudly say I'm not going to the second phase of exams: I'm oficially on vacations! However I don't think I'll be able to get in Psychology and my second option is Law... I don't know, I'm kinda nervous about it.
So I've been kinda busy today because I've recently opened a facebook online store and it's been the perfect hobby for me because, as you know, I'm completly obsessed with clothing! Unfortunatly (and I'm sorry my beloved international readers) but I only ship to Portugal. Anyway, you can check it here.
So, I meant to show you this outfit for quite a while and to be honest, I didn't have much time to took pictures so they didn't turn out thaaat good.

I think this is my favourite skirt. I felt so good in this outfit!
The weather was quite hot so I decided to just add a simple white top and a leather vest so the outfit won't be too plain.


  1. Nice outfit!
    Would you like follow each other?

  2. Olá querida, eu sou a Ana e criei recentemente um blog:
    Se puderes passar lá, agradecia (: e claro, se gostares vai visitando!
    Obrigada e beijinhos*

  3. Este conjunto é muito o meu estilo! Gostei imenso de como combinaste a saia com as botas! Já estou a seguir de volta :3