Monday, July 22, 2013

Look: Secrets are the truth

Hello, everyone!

So, I meant to show you my new shirt for quite a long time and the other day the weather was just perfect: not too hot and just a bit windy so I thought "Hey, what a great day to wear my velvet crosses shirt!".
In the other hand, I've been wearing this high waisted denim shorts, probably way too much. They've been a must for my summer and they go with everything perfectly, I can't just leave them on the side for a week.

In other news: This may sound silly but I think my readers and followers may be walking away. I mean C'mon, you used to comment so much and now I almost don't get anything! Also, I got a bit sad today because I lost three followers on
It's really not a big thing but it got me thinking about my blogger "occupation" so... I would like you to give me your oppinion!
- What do you think about my blog? Either about esthetics, writting or looks.
- What do you think about the frequence of my posts?
- Do you have any suggestion to improve the blog?

I would really apreciate my readers oppinion, I intend to support in your sugestions but addapting it to my "image", let's say.

Wow, this post is full of news. I think we all love Romwe's leggings, their comfort and original designs. And I hope I don't talk just for myself when I say: You know what else we love? Leggings Flash Sales, so we can get our favorite designs for lower prices. We always lack one more pair of leggings on our closet, they're never enough!
So, it's time to go straight to the matter: you have more than 300 leggings' designs available for only $17.99, starting tomorrow - July 23th - and going on for two days - ending on July 25th.
Click the image above to see all the designs available!


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  2. adoro os creepers! :) beijinhos