Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Look: I can't live my life on their time

Hello, everyone!

I've finally finished my final exams (well, at least for now) and I don't think Summer Vacation has ever felt so good. It's nice to have some time to relax after being stuck at home for 3 weeks studying...
Summer has brought me not only time but hot weather, perfect to use some of my new stuff for the first time! As you can guess: Today I got the chance to do an outfit post with two of my new aquisitions: my mesh sleeved Romwe x LeHappy Jacket and my new (low sole) spiked creepers!

Mesh Sleeve Jacket (Romwe x LeHappy) - Romwe -> You can get this here
High Waisted Shorts - Bershka
Spiked Creepers - Ebay

I must say I was pleasently surprised with my new aquisitions.
Well, first of all, the jacket fits me perfectly and it's perfect for a warm (but a bit windy) day. Plus, it can really make a look more complete! Because I'm a bit clumsy I'm constantly ripping tights and stockings and I was afraid I would rip the sleeves also, but that didn't happen!
About the creepers, I honestly didn't expect them to be this comfortable. They can even be more comfortable than the double sole creepers I own.

I think we all, me included, need new summer clothes, ain't I right? So, people, get ready because I think we have a chance here! Romwe selected over 1000 summer items and put them on sale, up to 70% OFF! This Summer Holiday Sale has begun on the 1st July and will be over by the 7th. Just click the image to see all the items included in the Summer Sale.


  1. amei o teu blog e o teu estilo!
    segui-te xx

    (o casaco e as creepers são tão lindas!)

  2. I love your blog! :)))

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  3. So nice outfits.