Sunday, June 2, 2013

New stuff and New Wishlist

Hello, everyone!

So, I am really excited today, because I finally ordered two of my favourite items on my wishlist!

LeHappy x Romwe Black Different Material Stitching Jacket - 74.99$
Pure Black Suspender Tights from Romwe - 18.99$

I can't wait for them to arrive!
Also, I added some new stuff to my Romwe Wishlist, I hope I can get really soon and as I don't have any other outfit to present to you, I thought on sharing this new stuff with you.

Those Cut-Out Black Leggings are so cool. I've been chasing some like that for quite a while.
Anyway, they cost 51.99$ on Romwe but if I find them cheaper in any other store, I'm probably going for that. I really want them, they are a must have in my closet, but I don't know if I can spend 50$ on some leggings...
The Black Splicing Back Hollowed Dress is a priority. I'm thinking about buying this to my cousin's wedding.
I'm not much of a dress person, plus I prefer being discrete so this makes this the perfect dress for me, the tipic black little dress which fits every occasion. It originally costed 49.99$ but now it has 50% off, which means it costs 24.80$. I think it would be a great buy and honestly I hope I can buy it as soon as possible!
The Triangle-Shape Cut-Out Black Shirt is so cool. It's asymetric and has a triangle cut-out in the back. It costs 33.99$ and it's a must have.

Well, I think it's everything for now. I hope I can give you an outfit any time soon.

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