Sunday, May 26, 2013

Outfit Ideas

Hello, everyone!

I need to post all I want on weekends because I'm sure I won't get time for it on school days.
Plus, I have my final exams coming... Awf, I can't wait for my Summer Vacations!
Anyway, I've been going a lot through Romwe lately: I just want to buy pretty much every thing I see and they're having some sales and competitions lately which is amazing to appeal to our consumist side, right?
If you're like me, that may make you quite indecisive so I thought we could all benefit from some outfit ideas with Romwe items!


Leggings with these kind of prints are suppose to make a statement so you need to be careful how you pair them. A plain shirt and some accessories can do the job perfectly. And your shoes can make a difference between a sporty look and a classy and fashionable one.
You can find these Lighting print leggings here.


Universe print leggings are being such a hit on the streets. Have you gotten yours yet?
What are you waiting for? You can get some here.


If you want an original look and want to mark the difference, why not bet on these funny Bart Simpson leggings? The known Simpson's face is been hitting the streets and showing on magazines on the body of irreverent models such as Cara Delevingne! You can't go wrong with these babies! And as statement leggings you should pair them with a simple shirt and as we're talking about Bart Simpson, why not some sneakers for a sporty look?


This Mysterious Night Bodycon Dress would be amazing for a night out with friends, am I right? With a leather jacket and some spiked heels, you'll be rocking this baby!


There's no better way to pair this american flag hoodie than with some skinny jeans and sneakers. The USA flag is another print that has been showing off on the streets with both singers and models and it's a must have. You can get your own american flag hoodie here.


Seems like mint has come to stay and same for rivets. You can get a soft and sweet look pairing a riveted mint jumper with some light plain pants or some floral shorts. Hurry, get your jumper here.


I must say I'm not the biggest fan of floral print but the first time I saw this sweater I knew it would be a must have. It's amazing how you can create both a sweet or rocker one with this sweater! It's still on my wishlist, and I hope I can get one soon. You can also get one here.

How are you feeling now? Inspired to create new outfits?

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