Sunday, May 26, 2013

My new amazing items + Memorial Day Sale

Hello, everyone!

It's been a while since I thought of doing this post.
I got these three amazing items, a few months ago and I wanted to show them to you because I'm really excited about how to pair them.
This is definitly not the best picture, but I don't have my camera right now so I had to took it with my ipad.

So, here comes a question for you...
How would you pair, separately or together, these three items:
- A Moschino denim shirt;
- A black and white petter pan collar dress from Asos;
- Galaxy print leggings from Romwe;

I'm actually really curious about hearing your ideas so come on!

And for the second matter of this post...
We're heading for Summer and I think we all want to get some new clothes for this season, am I right?
So what would be better now than the Memorial Day Sale from Romwe?
Yeah, that's right! Romwe is holding a 20% off Sale (on selected items) between May 25th and 27th.
Click here to see all the items with 20% off!

Are you as excited as me? You don't have much time, hurry up!

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