Sunday, December 2, 2012

La Cerise Shop

Hello, everyone!

I don't think I ever told you about La Cerise Shop, did I?
La Cerise Shop is a portuguese online shop that sells handmade clothing and accessories with this unique style: it's " the thin line between cute and noir, with a pinch of vintage inspirations.".
Well, I've been IN LOVE with their New Collection so I thought you'd like to check out my favourite items!

This is definitly my dream hair bow <3

Isn't this the sweetest bracelet you've haver seen?

It was nearly impossible to choose my favourite plugs to show you: they're all so cute and awesome! These ones are 10mm flesh plugs and you can find it in both white and black for only 7€ each.

I have no idea why but lately I've been totally obsessed with stripes so I found this black and white stripped shirt really eye catching!

I always thought this velvet shirt was the cutest thing and it would go perfectly with some black creepers or some velvet platform sneakers!

Another of my obsessions is crosses so this necklace had to be in my favourite items!

Let me guess: you got curious with all these amazing catches from La Cerise Shop!
You can check their facebook here and I'm pretty sure they send to other countries so what are you waiting for?

Plus, I've finally created a facebook page (click) for my Blog so it's easier for you to stay tunned!


  1. Bracelet on second picture is so beautiful!

  2. Velvet shirt+ creepers, perfect combo! xx

  3. thanks for sharing..