Saturday, December 22, 2012

Clothing Wishlist

Hello, everyone!

As I told you I've been really busy in the last few days and it still isn't over. I've already bought most of the christmas presents but I still need to see some, I haven't decorated yet but I've already done all the food shopping... So, I think I'm slowly getting there.
As it's Christmas I thought I'd share with you a few items in my wishlist (a few because you can't imagine how big it is!). Some I asked as Christmas presents, others I'll just have to wait for the sales. I want to get these things as cheap as possible...

Unrelated Wishlist

Unrelated Wishlist by jilca

1. Burgundy jumper - Believe it or not, I looked for it everywhere and I couldn't find it in any physical store in my city and I feel like it's a must-have for my winter.

2. Velvet Skirt - I'm not much of a skirts-girl but I think really great outfits could come out of this so I need to get one.

3. Platform ankle boots with spikes - I couldn't make up my mind for a while: I didn't know whether to get the ones with spikes or the ones without so... I finally decided I want these ones with spikes, because I don't have any other spiked shoes. They seem comfy and must make a simple outfit look incredibly cool!

4. Platform Creepers - I asked this babies for Christmas (but with double sole). I've been wishing for ones like this for ages!

5. Camouflage Jacket - It's definitly rocking this winter and would look amazing with my doc martens. However, I couldn't find this item for less than 50$ anywhere, even on ebay, and I'm not willing to pay that much for a jacket...
 Does anyone know where to find it in 2nd Hand at a good price?

6. Bell Chocker Necklace - This is pretty much the cutest necklace I've ever seen and I'm so obsessed with it!

7. Leopard (Faux!) Fur Coat - Super Warm and Comfy and definitly the words I choose to describe this super cute coat. Forget about wearing two or three sweaters, one shirt and this baby and you'll be ready for the coldest winter!

8. Cross Leggings - I usually don't wear leggings that much so I don't own any but I guess it would be good to have some for that lazy days. I really like these and I could easily paired them with a longer knitwear.

9. Grey Blazer - I realized I don't have any formal jacket so I decided to go for a blazer. And as most of my jackets are black, I decided to choose something a bit different.
 Any ideas how to wear it?

10. Leather Gloves - I'm over with the knitting gloves, I don't find most of them comfortable at all. So, I guess leather gloves would do the job just right. Plus, they are fashionable and classy.

What do you girls think?


  1. I wish the same skirt!
    Merry Christmas:)

  2. mmmm love the velvet skirt! Happy Holidays!