Friday, November 2, 2012

Tattoo Tights

Hello, everyone!

As you can guess, I've been really busy with school and I'm still not done: I still have lots of tests and oral presentations... I havn't written a decent post for you in a long time and an outfit in ages! Actually, I've been away for so long that I'm starting to loose followers, which makes me kind of worried. But you know what it's like: School First.
Ok, so now: there's something you must know about me: I'm crazy about socks and tights! I fell in love with those tattoo tights (nude tights with images on it that kinda makes them look like tattoos). I think they appeared in Japan, got here, to Europe, in a blink of an eye and are making a huge success amoung fashionistas! I think they are here to mark Fall 2012!
There is a huge variety of drawings and designs for this tights. From simple swallows or pandas (like below) to a whole range of colours and designs in one single pantyhose (it made it look like you really had your legs covered in tattoos!). Check below some of the cutest (and coolest) tights I could find:

My personal favourites are the ones with kitties on the knees. They're so cute, I can't wait to buy some!
I couldn't believe when I saw the last picture: Guns on your tights! How cool is that?

What about you, girls? Would you wear this?
What's your personal favourite design?


  1. hello there, i ve just read ab you on malmo university post :)
    your blog looks very stylish :)
    would you like to follow each other?
    have a good day

  2. interesting models!!!