Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Best of Paris Fashion Week

Hello, everyone!

Yes, I know I havn't written here for some time but I promise I'm planning an outfit post for you!
I've been really busy with School and stuff and it's been raining a lot, so...
I've thought on doing this post just to keep you updated.
Lately I've been seriously obsessed about shopping. Seriously, I wake up everyday wishing I had money to spend all day shopping! And honestly Fashiolista isn't helping. I have such a huge wishlist but now I definitly need to focus on getting some warm winter clothes. I need to get some more knit jumpers, some black jeans and an elegant trench coat... Okay, I need to stop now!
So, I bet most of you already seen some Paris Fashion week's photos and if you did, then I'm sure you think this year was crazy! Yes, I am talking about the new Chanel bag for Spring/ Summer 2013 that hit the Grand Palais' runaway and it's definitly becoming a matter of discussion around the fashion business.

As you can see the model is wearing a swimming suit with the double C symbol on the front and carrying a bag which appears to be made of... hula-hoops (?)
Karl Lagerfeld said: "It’s for the beach. You need space for the beach towel, huh? And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it."
I personally don't think I would EVER wear this. I mean... Chanel bags used to be great: simple and yet a classic and fahionable design, even though the price is just too much for my wallet. But giving a fortune for a beach bag? I mean, maybe if I was a rich hula-hoops champion! In some way, this bag idea sounds a bit desperate.
In the other hand I think this bag really makes a statement and a smaller version may be a success between more extreme fashion lovers.

When it comes to the staging, Chanel bet on a more dramatic theme. It's almost sure Lagerfeld wanted to pass an environmental message about the renewable energies for the simple presence of the wind turbines along the faux sollar panelled runaway. To ensure this same message is even possible to see the use of the solar panel pattern on several pieces of the collection and even a knitted shirt with a wind turbine's design.

And if we're talking about the runaways, I must say the decoration for Louis Vuitton amazed me!
This year, Marc Jacobs' brought us a geometric pattern that showed not only in his clothing but even in the Palais du Louvre's stage! Furthermore, you can clearly see four escalators from which the models came from! And I must admit this is what left my mouth open! Jacobs said his collection was inspired by Les Deux Plateaux, an abstract artwork by Daniel Buren, so inspiring!
After seeing some of Louis Vuitton new collection for Spring/ Summer 2013 I got really interested and excited to search for more, you know just to be sure if this new collection is so good as the staging!

I'm planning on doing some more about the Paris Fashion week's collections themselves, but I can never be sure... Stay tunned!


  1. The louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs collections were just amazing! I havent checked out Chanels yet... but i will! I know the feeling about getting winter pieces! Ive just put a few things on my birthday, christmas and valentines list! Theres only 3 things im investing in and getting myself for this winter :P Its the topshop unique high heeled walking boots, something baroque/peplum so thats 2 trends in 1! and 1 more thing lol

    Hayley xx

    1. I think Chanel's new collection got a bit... weird, if that's the right word. But Louis Vuitton was simply... wow!
      Baroque and Peplum? Oh, I wanna see that!

  2. The Chanel bag is quite interesting, but I'd never wear it though. It just doesn't attract me :D
    Filipa from

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