Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inspirational Post + Selling (for Portugal only)

Hello, everyone!

I've thought of doing a kind of inspirational post with the things I like the most about Autumn and Winter. I don't usually like this kind of posts but I'm doing a small one with some information about me so you can get to know me a little better.

Something I need in my wardrobe and couldn't live without is definitly knit jumpers. They're so stylish and warm!
Hoodies are an indispensable item for a lazy day. They are warm, extra comfy and very pratical.

Boots. Warm, comfy and heelless boots are the very best for cold days. When it rains I prefer my Doc Martens.

Tea is most definitly the best of the Cold Seasons. A warm beverage may be exactly what you need to feel cosy and happy.

Only for Portugal/ Apenas para Portugal:
Estou a vender algumas coisinhas, algumas usadas, outras novas, que comprei online e acabei por não gostar. Se estiverem interessadas, podem encontra-las aqui: http://vendedor.leiloes.net/BiaAbreu/

(All the images from this post were found on Tumblr)


  1. Para mim, o chá é perfeito para qualquer altura do ano... Passa pela Lazy Oaf, eles têm sempre uns jumpers maravilhosos! E puxando a brasa á minha sardinha, fica atenta á La Cerise (http://www.facebook.com/shop.lacerise), no início de Outubro vamos ter a nova colecção recheada das sweats mais deliciosas :P

    1. Sim, mas quentinho no Inverno sabe sempre melhor, pelo menos para mim.
      Estarei atenta <3

  2. I've got spotty DM's and I lovreeeee them they're so comfy! I like yours! Found u on ifb it's a great blog! Following now, lexie xxx

  3. love every choice you've put. i'm trying to find Dr. Martens, because I find them so adorable and I just NEED, MUST have them.
    Filipa from www.ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

    1. I know how you feel: they're simply the cutest boots ever made! It took me around 3 years to find some in my country :b