Friday, July 13, 2012

Must-have: Vernis À Lèvres from YSL

Hello, everyone!

If you're into make up and love that final touch of a good lipstick, then this is for you!
I personally love the sexy touch of a Red lipstick but I think I have the same problem as many of you, lipstick lovers out there: I could never find a lipstick that lasts all day through meals and stuff, without losing the glitter or the strong colour.
But I guess our problem can be solved! I've been really curious about Yves Saint Laurent's Vernis À Lèvres since I read a review about it on Vogue. This little wonder is a combination between a lipstick and a lip gloss, and, according to Vogue's fashion reporter, lasted for an entire day (and when I say the "entire day" I mean meals included!) with only ONE retouch without losing the glitter.
Furthermore, this "lips polish" is said to have a nice flavour, which is a really important thing for me.
According to Vogue the cons of this magic lipstick is the hard removal. In my opinion, you can add the price to the minimal cons list: In Europe, this awesome product costs about 29€ which is about 35$ or 23£.
There's a lot of colours to chose from but many of them are Sephoras exclusives. I guess you know what would be my choice: RED.
Anyway, I can't wait to buy this YSL's Vernis À Lèvres and try it and review it myself!

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