Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello, everyone!

As you all know, I love tattoos, I have one and I'm planning doing more.
If you're thinking of getting a tattoo there's something you should think of first: a tattoo is permanent, so think of something you would want in your skin forever! For some people, tattoos must have a meaning but if you are a true tattoo and art lover you probably would chose something just because of the design.

You should know there's two types of tattoing machines (at least the ones I'm aware of and excuse me if I'm wrong): the hawk and the two-coil machine. The hawk is usually slower (so it takes longer), than the two-coil machine and also hurts less and doesn't let your body so swollen and redish at the end. My tattoo artist uses a hawk, so when I did the tattoo on my wrist it didn't hurt at all, felt like someone was drawing with a pen on my skin. If he used a two-coil machine, I'd do it anyway: I'm not afraid of the pain. When you want to make a tattoo you must be aware of the pain and if you really want it that shouldn't be a problem.

More things you should know? You should eat before getting your tattoo done, and also avoid drugs and pain-killers or other types of pills that can make your blood thinner.
About the tattoo aftercare: listen to everything your tattoo artist says. A different tattoo artist may say different things.
I'm only giving you the basic tips:
Wash your tattoo with water and ph neutral soap, at least two times a day (times may vary, it depends on the artist).
Apply a healing cream whenever you think you're tattoo is getting dry.
Don't spend much time on the bath nor under hot water.
When you're tattoo start to scab, don't pull it because some ink may come attached.

And I think that's all.

(I don't own any of these pictures, I found them on tumblr or just googling when it comes to famous people. If any of these photos is yours, contact me so I can change the source)

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