Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello, everyone!

Have you heard about Shampalove?
Shampalove is an italian online shop founded by Flor and Ruby, two bloggers passionate about fashion.
On the exact moment I laid my eyes on their page, I fell in love with basically every single piece of clothing! Their clothes are absolutly awesome and the best of all: they used lots of black, which is my favorite colour, and lots of clothes are like transparent, which is great for summer and so stylish.

I fell in love for this shirt I found on WeHearIt, some time ago. I've tried to look for it but I didn't found it so  I don't think they have it anymore; it's sad. Anyway, check out two of my new favorite Shampalove's products:

Want to see more? Click here to the Shampalove online store or here to the Facebook page.

Damn, I really need to start saving money for all those beauties!

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