Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not some ordinary Heels

Hello, everyone!

Today I'm here to tell you about shoes, but not some ordinary ones: Reverse Heels and Heel-less shoes!
None of them are new but they have been certainly getting more popular amoung fashion lovers.

These are the Reverse heels. Presented in Spring 2008 by Marc Jacobs. World's first back-to-front shoes!
I pesonally wouldn't wear them. It's just not my style. But I guess they're okay for a fashion show or meeting.
I guess if you're a extreme fashionista you wouldn't mind wearing these in some formal ocasion.

These are the Heel-less shoes. They were popularized by Lady Gaga but they'vre been long worn in the fashion industry and amoung other celebrities, like Victoria Beckham.
This shoe model is from Olivier Theyskens and was a major part of his show for Nina Ricci in Fall 2009.

Now, Heel-less shoes are worn by everyone.
This is one of Hannah Tan's looks, where she wears some black Heel-less shoes and they look great!

Now, my opinion on these shoes? The Reverse Heels are quite simple compared to the Heel-less shoes. I personally wouldn't wear the first ones because they're too formal for me and don't fit my style.
I would wear the second ones, though. I find them really stylish, original and so extreme. They would fit great in a romantic and glamorous style (you know, something more classic) and in a rock inspired look so it's really versatille.
On the other hand, I'd think twice before wearing any of these shoes: they don't have a support in the back which may result in a broken ankle if you fall. And if you're not used to heels, these are definitly a NO to you. Plus, they don't seem really comfortable and probably not easy to walk on for a long time.

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