Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coloured Hair

Hello, everyone!

So, this is my first post ( Hell yeah! ) and I'm going to tell you about something I love.
I bet you've all seen all those beautiful girls on Tumblr with that awesome colourful hair.
In my opinion blue, red and pink are the cutest colours to paint your hair.

Then there are those smart, kinda hipster, girls who dip-dye their hair, which consists in only painting the tips of the hair to look like you've dipped it in a can of paint. So dip-dyed hair has some advantages: when you paint all of your hair, and specially if you don't have blond hair, you have to bleach it now and then because of the roots (And bleaching is what really spoils you're hair). But when you have dip-dyed hair, that becomes quite simple: you don't have to worry about your hair growing because you only have your tips painted, so you probably won't need to bleach it again.
( I would love to dip-dye my hair blue! )

There's only one problem for both types of hair colouring. Most of the trendy hair dyes, like pink and blue, are the called "fantasy colours" and they tend to fade very quickly. So I think it would be better for you to buy a can of hair-dye. Most of them aren't really expensive.
Stargazer and Manic Panic can be great choices. Plus they hydrate you're hair! 

Don't ever forget: when you dye you're hair you should do some masks to keep it healthy!

If you've ever tried, please, let us know you're experience.


(I don't own any of these pictures, I found them on tumblr or just googling when it comes to famous people. If any of these photos is yours, contact me so I can change the source)

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